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A little bit about Kassa

Let’s start from the beginning: I am a qualified optometrist and have been practicing since 2000.

Those who know me will agree that I am very particular about coffee. In fact, my whole family is quite keen as well! In our search for a perfect cup, we decided that the best way is to make it ourselves. Our passion for teas and coffee led us to open our own family-run business.

The Kassa family philosophy is to serve only what would be good enough for ourselves. Now, I would like to extend that to the optics profession.

Sadly, I’ve discovered that there is increasing pressure on opticians to spend less time with patients and to concentrate more on selling glasses, often at unreasonable prices. I intend to do things differently.

I promise to give you the best service that I am capable of. I will not be led by targets or brand limitations. My recommendations will be guided by your requirements and nothing else.

Please don’t hesitate to come in and see me to discuss your visual needs. I look forward to meeting you.


General Optical Council member certificate


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